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New Delhi, Jun 23 (PTI) Expressing concern over some issues like lack of transparency in freight rates in the logistics sector, Union Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday urged the industry to work on these.

Addressing the representatives of the sector at the ‘National Logistics Excellence Awards’ held here, the Union Minister said that the logistics sector needs to work on transparent freight rates.

Expressing concern over issues like freight rates and opacity in bills in the logistics sector, he urged the industry to work on these areas.

“Still, I am not satisfied with the freight rates. These are not announced transparently. There is ambiguity and lack of transparency in freight bills. You have to work on that.”

He cautioned, “There are many loopholes in the logistics sector. We have had many meetings. I was taking a liberal stand because of covid. I hope that some tough decisions will not have to be taken later.

Goyal said that the industry and the government will have to work together to bring down the logistics cost. This cost is 13-14 percent of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) while in developed countries it is 7-8 percent.

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