Kansas cops pardon turkey from charges after breaking into home

President Biden Wasn’t the only one to forgive this Thanksgiving.

A Kansas sheriff pardoned “Tom” Wednesday “from any criminal damage charges” after two officers made it to a home that was broken into earlier this month. Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said.

Police said that Tom Terkin accidentally flew through a window and was unable to get back out.

The homeowner called the sheriff for help, and officers captured the ordeal in a hilarious video, which they later shared “in the spirit of thanksgiving,” though warned that the names of the turkeys involved “protect the innocent.” for” have been changed.

The turkey can be seen lurking in the corner of the bedroom as Master Deputy Dunkle and Deputy Bonner enter the house. Dunkle admits it’s his first time dealing with a turkey, while Bonner says he’s bothered by the way Tom is staring at him.

“Oh, he won’t hurt you too much,” said Dunkle before sending him off to catch the bird.

Bonner first tries to capture Tom by throwing a blanket over the bird, but Tom escapes. Bonner picks Tom up, but is unable to keep a firm grip on the bird and feathers fly across the room as Tom panics, escapes Bonner’s grip and tries to fly through a closed window.

Tom tries to fly out the window.

Tom the turkey accidentally flies into a house in Kansas and is unable to escape.

The officers walk into the room.

A Kansas sheriff pardons Tom “from the charge of any criminal damage.”

An officer tries to apprehend Tom.

Officers were eventually able to remove Tom using a blanket and quick reflexes.

Dunkle told the owner of the house, “You’ve got enough feathers for a feather duster, ma’am, I’m telling you.”

Finally, Dunkle is able to calm the bird down by talking to it calmly, before wrapping the blanket around Tom and hugging him.

When Dunkle drags Tom down the stairs, Bonner jokes, “I might have taken all the fighting out of him.”

Tom runs away into the woods.
Tom was safely dropped off along a tree line outside the house.
Douglas County Sheriff’s Office/

“You did. You wore it,” Dunkle replied.

He takes Tom outside and drops him off near a line of trees, where Tom can be seen dropping one last feather on the lawn.

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