France Lotto Results Saturday 1 October 2022

Latest Official Result for France Lotto Results Are now out after the draw on Saturday 1 October 2022.

Thus, the results for France Lotto on Saturday 1 October 2022 are as follows:

France Lotto Results:


Note that we try to publish France Lotto Results They are released as soon as they are released, which is usually at or shortly after 22:00 South African time.

Estimated Jackpot: Jackpot: €13,000,000

La Française des Jeux indicated that the jackpot is 3 million, which is Approximately R48.4 million.

Current Draw and Jackpot History

Last time France Lotto The jackpot winners were made on 9 November 2020. Two lucky winners went away with the amount €16 million (almost R295.1 million) each.

France Lotto Results General Knowledge

Interestingly, in the last few years France has the highest number of draw winning numbers according to lotto results. remain roughly the same and are 41, 13, 1,16, 29, and 15-22 with bubbling up, the lowest drawn number being 19. Who has only drawn 151 times?

How to play French Lotto?

French Lotto players first choose five numbers from the range 1 t0 49, then choose a bonus ball number from the range one to ten. And then they have to get six regular numbers to win the jackpot and french lotto results. It can be played online or in person from an authorized retailer and tickets can cost €2.20 per line.

How To Play French Lotto Online?

First the players have to decide where they are going to buy the tickets by manual or quick pick. Just choose how many tickets they are going to buy.

Players have to select a lucky number for the upcoming lotto draw using the manual option. They have to choose five numbers from the range 1 to 49 and one lucky number from 1 to 10.

Players can choose from single play, 5 draws, 10 draws and 20 draws. Now they have finalized their ticket and can click on ‘Checkout’ button. They can check their ticket on their shopping cart.

French Lotto players will be notified via email after completing all the procedures for purchasing tickets and clicking ‘Checkout’.

In addition, each ticket costs €2.20 per line.

newest France Lotto results every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. see winning numbers,

To win any of France Lotto’s secondary prizes, check out the prize breakdown below.

France Lotto Prize Breakdown

As you can see in the table below, there are 6 prize levels in France Lotto. Winnings are tax free and are given in a cash lump sum.

The minimum guaranteed jackpot of France Lotto is 1 million Euros. As already mentioned in the earlier sections of the review, if there is no winner the amount will go towards the upcoming drawing. The jackpot will roll a maximum of 34 times. If 34. There are no winners duringth drawing, the prize money will be reduced.

France Lotto Prize Breakdown

1 prize

5+1n chance

no winner

2 awards


€ 105,688.50

3 awards

4+1n chance

€ 1,052.80

4 awards


€ 453.80

5 awards

3+1n chance

€ 53.00

6 awards


€ 21.10

7 awards

2+1nº probability

€ 10.10

8 awards


€ 4.40

9 awards

1+1Nº chance

€ 2.20

10 awards

0+1Nº chance

€ 2.20

Rules for playing France Lotto:

France Lotto has a double matrix. Players need to choose 5 numbers in the range from 1 to 49 and 1 number in the range from 1 to 10. To win the jackpot for the respective drawing, players must match all 6 numbers.

In addition to having a jackpot, there are 9 additional prize levels in France Lotto. The chances of winning any prize are quite good, making the game extremely popular.

France Lotto Prize

France Lotto has 9 prize divisions. To win any prize in France Lotto, you must match 1 number. The probability of hitting the France Lotto jackpot is 1:19,068,840. To view all France Lotto odds, go to the Reviews tab.

How to claim France Lotto prizes in the lottery

Find out fast when you win France Lotto prizes on the lottery with free email and SMS win notifications. prizes are sent Directly to your TheLotter account After the result is published and the prize has been received from the official lottery operator. May need to collect big wins in France. All french lottery are prize Tax free,

France Lotto SuperDraw!

While it is debatable whether Friday the 13th brings people bad luck or good luck, it certainly gives players a chance to win with the France Lotto Super Draw! Play the Lotto special Friday the 13th draw for a chance to win an increased guaranteed jackpot worth €13,000,000 or more, If you haven’t won the top prize, don’t worry! The France Lotto Super Draw usually offers players a chance to win with one raffle, with up to 50 players winning. €20,000 each.

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