Lin-Manuel Miranda criticizes the church for “illegally” producing “Hamilton”

This An anti-gay version of the video of the week Broadway smash “Hamilton” that a church Live streamed in Texas and shown to its audience, it surfaced online, attracting criticism.

According to Allegation, The Door MacLean church And RGV Productions changed parts of the original lyrics and modified sequences to include allusions to Scripture and pleas for redemption.

“Hamilton” producer Lin-Manuel Miranda criticized it church To stage an “illegal and rejected” performance of his Tony Award-winning show.

“Thanks to everyone who contacted me on this unlicensed, illegal production. Lawyers are now working.” Miranda sent a tweet to her 3.6 million followers Wednesday,

He also sent a statement from the Playwrights Guild, which condemned unlicensed performance, saying, “No author’s work, whether it be Lin-Manuel Miranda or a student who wrote his first play, without the author’s consent.” Additionally, without their express permission, it is never acceptable to modify the lyrics, notes or lyrics.”

Thanks to everyone who contacted me for this unapproved, illegal production. Lawyers are working now.
And forever appreciate @dramatistsguild, who supports writers around the world, whether it’s your first play or your fiftieth.

Podcaster and novelist Hemant Mehta was the first to tweet snippets of the performance, which read “The World Was Wide Enough,” one of the music’s original songs.

In the song’s original rendition, the performer who plays Alexander Hamilton sings: “Describe a legacy. It’s like planting seeds in a garden you’ll never see. I made some first notes for a song which will be performed for me.”

Dore MacLean, however, modified the words of the performance in the video clip shared by Mehta: “Describe a legacy. Men are set free by understanding that they have repented and accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ. You sacrificed your unblemished human son for me on the cross at Calvary!”

More than the illegally Christianized “Hamilton” done by The Door MacLean Church.

The correct phrase is: “Describe a legacy. It’s like planting seeds in a garden you’ll never see. I made some first notes for a song which will be performed for me.

After a performance by Dore MacLean, a preacher delivers a sermon containing anti-LGBTQ sentiments. The minister says: “May God help you tonight, whether you are suffering from drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality, or other aspects of your life such as your money. He wants to forgive your transgressions.”

With a sermon condemning homosexuality, The Door MacLean Church ended its outlawed performance of Hamilton.

After learning about the show, the producers of the original Broadway musical, According to A representative for CBS News submitted a cease-and-desist letter to the church. The full statement said:

“The Door Church was not given an amateur or professional license by Hamilton for any theater shows.

We became aware of the illegal production of Hamilton by The Door Church in McAllen, Texas on Friday, August 5, as well as his intention to perform more on Saturday, August 6. We demanded the immediate removal of all videos and pictures from past demonstrations. The Internet, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, his own website and elsewhere, in a stop and diss letter for the unlawful exploitation of Hamilton’s intellectual property.

After receiving a response to the cease-and-desist letter, Hamilton informed the Church that they could proceed with the August 6 performance under the following restrictions: (a) it would not be live-streamed or recorded; (b) no pictures or videos of the performance shall be posted online; (c) they will not stage any additional productions; (d) this limited permission was without prejudice, and we reserve all rights and remedies; and (e) we will discuss this issue with the parties behind this informal event.

The Hamilton family is a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights as well as tolerance, kindness and diversity. Illegal script modifications are now being reviewed to decide what should happen next. We appreciate our loyal followers for bringing this to our attention. ,

Churches are excluded from copyright rules, allowing them to play copyrighted music during religious services. However, this exemption does not apply to the streaming or distribution of such performances or any other public performance that takes place outside the Services.

The church’s pastor issued an apology on Instagram, weeks after Lin-Manuel Miranda criticized the play’s production. The pastor, Roman Gutierrez, acknowledged in the Post that the church did not have permission to stage his concert and apologized for infringing “on the rights and copyrights of many”.

The post stated that “The Door Christian Fellowship MacLean Church did not seek or obtain a license from the makers or creators of Hamilton to manufacture, stage, reproduce or alter any part of Hamilton; and we have not received a license from the makers or creators of Hamilton; and we have not received a license from the makers of Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda.” No prior permission was obtained to alter his work by changing the music, lyrics, removing lyrics and adding dialogues.”

The church will never perform again, it will erase any video or audio recordings, and it will pay “damages” for what happened, according to the Post.

As the church’s pastor, Gutierrez said, “I know that it is my duty and responsibility to uphold the law and inform our community about these rules.” Our ministry will take this opportunity to learn more about protected cultural works and intellectual property.

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