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A multiple monitor setup for your laptop gives you extra screen real estate while remaining portable enough to travel with you. Sidetrack Store via Amazon

Would you like to see a bigger screen on your laptop? As an alternative to spending a lot of money for a new laptop, you can save money by adding an extra portable screen, or even two.

we researched Found to be the most considered, convenient and lightweight laptop monitor in the market today and in the market today. The best part is that you can buy them all at a discount on Amazon right now.

These lightweight, portable displays for laptops consist of one or more screens that can be used at once or combined into a single larger display. These best-in-class laptop external displays deliver vivid colors and sharp text, thanks to features Like High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 1080p resolution. Some of them have nifty extras like speakers for video games or an antibacterial coating.

Keep reading for a list of the top laptop portable monitors currently available for purchase.

Best Portable Monitor Deals on Amazon

Check out these great deals on portable monitors from great brands like Asus And ophia, Note that some of these deals require you to be an Amazon Prime member. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet, tap the button below to sign up.

12″ P2 Triple Portable Monitor

Elewei Store via Amazon

now you can save This Full HD triple portable monitor that is compatible with most operating systems. Create a three-screen super-monitor, or use each screen independently. This triple monitor setup lets you adjust the brightness and volume for each monitor.

Monitors come with a laptop dual-screen extender that can be clipped to the laptop frame without the use of other accessories. It also includes a retractable stand. The monitor must have two USB-C or one UBS-C ports and at least one HDMI port.

“I loved the fact that it was literally plug and play. No drivers or other hardware needed to be installed,” an amazon reviewerwho is identified as a verified customer of the monitor.

12″ P2 Triple Portable Monitor, $340 (under $430)

12″ OFiyaa Triple Portable Monitor

UK Bonitoyas via Amazon

OFiyaa Triple Laptop Monitor Weighs less than 3 pounds. 1920 x 1080 monitors (1080p) give you four display modes so you always have the best view. Brightness, sound and contrast can be adjusted independently for each screen.

Monitors are compatible with most operating systems. They require at least two USB-C ports, or one USB-C port and one HDMI port.

Be sure to apply the coupon before this Checkout to save an extra $20 on Amazon.

12″ OFiyaa Triple Portable Monitor, $380 after coupon (under $440)

17.3″ Asus Republic of Gamers Strix Portable Gaming Monitor

ASUS via Amazon

This portable monitor is designed with gamers in mind. Asus called this monitor “WorldThe fastest portable gaming monitor in the world.” It has a 240Hz refresh rate and 3-millisecond pixel speed for super-smooth gaming visuals. The portable monitor features a 100% sRGB color gamut, and a 1,000:1 contrast ratio for gorgeous picture color.

The monitor only needs to be charged for an hour to play 120 minutes of games. Its battery life is up to 3.5 hours on a full charge. It is compatible with most devices that take USB-C or Micro-HDMI.

17.3″ Asus RoG Strix Portable Gaming Monitor with Smart Case and Carry Bag, $570 (under $600)

15.6″ KYY Portable Monitor

KY via Amazon

This portable monitor will save a bunch of space in your laptop bag: It has a 0.3-inch, ultra-slim profile, and weighs just 1.7 pounds. This is HDR. Provides 1080p resolution with technology And this portable monitor is equipped with two USB Type-C ports and a mini-HDMI port.

KYY Portable Monitor Comes with a scratch-proof smart cover made of imitation leather. It doubles as a stand, and provides protection for your portable computer monitor.

“Working from home full time requires additional monitors to be more effective in my workflow. I have a limited amount of space at my desk, and I really wanted to have a portable monitor in front of an existing monitor, and the KYY monitor fits the bill perfectly, with enough room for my mechanical keyboard and wristbands leaves,” Wrote an Amazon-Noted Verified Customer,

Be sure to apply the $20 coupon before checking out on Amazon.

15.6″ KYY Portable Monitor, $132 after coupon (under $210)

15.8″ InnoView Portable Monitor [Amazon Prime member deal]

Innovation Shop via Amazon

This super-lightweight Innovue portable monitor weighs in at just 1.5 pounds. It features 1920 x 1080 resolution, 178-degree viewing angle, 16:9 aspect ratio and HDR-rendering. technology For strong image contrast and detail. The portable monitor can connect via USB-C or mini HDMI ports to laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and more.

“The display on this monitor is great. It is pretty close to the color temperature of my laptop and the quality is great. It was really easy to set up,” An Amazon customer wrote in a review.

Amazon Prime members will get the best prices on this portable monitor. But regardless of your Prime status, be sure to apply the $10 coupon before checkout.

15.8″ InnoView Portable Monitor, $150 after coupon (under $190)

15.6″ Lepo Portable Monitor [Amazon Prime member deal]


This ultra-slim and lightweight portable monitor only weighs 1.76 pounds. It has mini HDMI and USB C ports for connection to laptops, smartphones and gaming consoles. The portable monitor also has two built-in speakers and HDR mode support for gaming.

A Verified Amazon Review The Lepo Portable Monitor is referred to as “an ideal portable display with HDMI, USB Type C and external power support”.

“The controls are really easy to learn and I would buy this again as a primary monitor any day of the year because of its versatile nature,” shared the reviewer.

Again, Prime members will get the best price on this monitor. Be sure to apply the $20 coupon before checkout.

15.6″ Lepo Portable Monitor, $160 after coupon (under $250)

More Top-Rated Portable Monitors to Consider

These 4-star-or-better monitors aren’t on sale on Amazon right now, but they are top-rated options to consider.

15.6″ Asus ZenScreen Portable USB Antibacterial Monitor

ASUS via Amazon

This Asus monitor weighs less than 2 pounds and connects via a USB Type-C cable. The 1080p screen has an anti-glare surface and a blue-light filter. The screen has been treated to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the monitor.

“It’s an absolutely great, slim, portable display. I’m an app developer and it fits easily into my bag.” wrote an amazon reviewer and verified customers of the Asus ZenScreen Portable Monitor.

15.6″ Asus ZenScreen Portable USB Antibacterial Monitor, $230

ZenScreen with ASUS 15.6″ Speakers


If you need a flicker-free portable monitor with speakers, take a look at this 4.4-star-rated ASUS ZenScreen, It’s an excellent choice for gaming on the go—just play it via HDMI in a . connect to sony playstation 5 Or other gaming consoles. Comes with a foldable sleeve case.

ASUS 15.6″ ZenScreen with Speaker, $223″

12.5″ Sidetrack Swivel Attachable Dual Portable Monitor

Sidetrack Store via Amazon

This 4.1-star-rated . double your computer screen with Sidetrack Swivel Attachable Portable Monitor, The portable monitor is designed for mirroring, 270 degree rotation and 360 degree rotation. The content on your screen will automatically adjust as you rotate and switch between horizontal and vertical orientation. Monitors require a USB-C or USB-A port and a mini HDMI port for each screen.

Sidetrack swivel is available in dual monitor setup and triple monitor setup.

One Amazon customer who bought the portable monitor called it “everything I wanted.”

“I chose this unit because it can attach it to either side and I can get two without paying extra for some sort of double mount. Works really well – I carry everything in one for travel and work I can pack in a backpack.” reviewer wrote,

12.5″ Sidetrack Swivel Attachable Dual Portable Monitor, $340

12.5″ Sidetrack Swivel Attachable Triple Portable Monitor, $670

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