The Ultimate Strategies to Promote Your Podcast to Get Listeners

Moving towards creating a hybrid with YouTubers podcast Video, The already saturated market is full of ingredients. Although supply is substantial, there is still room for demand growth in developing countries, where podcasting is still in its early stages.

However, today’s discussion is not about Promote your podcast in developing countries. It’s about the ultimate strategies you can employ to promote your podcast episodes to your desired audience.

Despite the competition, since podcasts are as universal as music, you can still reach your listeners with determination and perseverance. Let’s understand how.

use paid ads

Most free-to-use platforms like Google Search, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram rely on paid ads to generate revenue. they hold wide information By categorizing data points on its users by their interests, behaviour, location and many other known and unknown factors.

As a podcast producer and marketer, you must take advantage of these paid ads. if you’re right now Initially, you may not have the budget to go completely with ads. But, if you limit your expectations you can start slow.

For starters, keep your advertising budget low, but don’t limit the number of days. Let the algorithm know who likes your content and play your game. In the initial stage, set campaign goals for brand awareness or impressions. And when you have permanent content on your website or platform, run pay per click (PPC) Advertisement for best results.

Subscribe to Podcast Stream

There are a number of subscription programs for podcasts that enable you as a podcaster to reach your channel to a number of interested audiences.

These networks often provide a simple uploading interface so you can post your broadcasts without giving up your rights. Podcast subscription services give podcasters a lot of flexibility in setting up and promoting their podcasting ventures.

While you can choose something popular like Apple Podcasts to upload and share your episodes, other competing platforms that offer better functionality and convenience to listeners can give you more outreach opportunities.

Unlike the apple podcast subscriptionThese platforms are more affordable and help you reach a wider audience base by introducing you to Spotify, Google Podcasts and other major streaming platforms.

use social media platforms

almost 60% of the global population Uses some form of social media to keep himself connected and updated. Moreover, most of them simultaneously use different social media platforms.

If active users were primarily focused on connectivity, they would not have overlapped platforms and would have used only WhatsApp or Telegram for this. They are logged in to different platforms due to variation in content. To promote your podcast to social media users, you must follow the different creative customs that define each platform.


Text-based content and images have always been a cornerstone of Facebook. Although their popularity has waned in recent times, they still provide better engagement than video posts. Although Facebook tried to make video content accessible to users, it mostly backfired due to the increasing complexity of the platform.

To promote your podcast on Facebook, create great visuals and pair it with great copywriting. Make sure the text is visible and the graphics are understandable. You can also use Facebook Stories and link posts to entice more listeners to your podcast by pairing them with hashtags and paid ads.

Additionally, follow Facebook groups that are relevant to your episode and promote your content in a non-promotional way that doesn’t scream spam.


The only shortcut that works for YouTube is original and quality content. You need perseverance to crack the YouTube algorithm and grow your podcast listeners. If you don’t already have a YouTube presence, this can be difficult, but not impossible.

There are two types of podcast content available on YouTube. One with a descriptive video, and another with a talk-show setup.

Before You Get Started With YouTube, Do Your Search value proposition and target audience. If you’ve got both of them already, consider sticking to a theme for your podcast episode. Find your audience’s pain points, or better—ask them.

For descriptive YouTube podcasts, you want to create engaging videos that follow your podcast script. Synchronize what you are saying with the visuals to give your audience (or audience) a better understanding of the subject matter.

For talk shows, you can either do this by recording yourself talking on the mic or collaborating with other podcasters to promote your episodes to a wider audience.

YouTube’s latest addition, Reel, can also be effective for giving interested individuals a glimpse of your episodes who aren’t your subscribers yet.


Instagram relies on visuals. You have no choice but to go with graphics on Instagram. But if you can get creative, this is almost the best way to promote your podcast now.

Either create still images or use short videos for Instagram promotion. Although some brands find success with longer video formats, it often doesn’t work. Create a podcast trailer featuring the best snippets from your podcast and let your followers know what you’re about to do next.

In our personal experience with Instagram ads, Instagram users click on them if the graphics are good. Even if you don’t start out with paid ads, the basics remain the same. Create excellent videos and images and add less-competitive hashtags to reach a wider range of audiences.

Inspirational quotes turned into graphics work wonders on Instagram too.

guest podcasting

Guest podcasting is a form of collaboration with other content creators, such as guest blogging, to broaden your listener base. Collaborate with well-known contributors in your niche by finding them through podcasting platforms and social media. By collaborating, you can each benefit from the other’s promotional activity on different platforms.

If the guest podcaster is a well-known figure in your industry, their already established marketing channels can automatically increase your authenticity and listenership.


We’ve kept the strategies simple to help starter podcasters like you. After you have gained a significant audience by following these methods, you can dive deep into each topic and experiment with different promotional materials.

You’ll find the best engagement by taking social media promotion seriously and by guest podcasting. But if you’re confident in your craft, consider subscribing to a podcasting platform to reach a wider audience base. If everything works well and you have a great product (podcast episode), consider using paid ads to reach more audiences.

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