Vikrant Massey Sparkles in This Gripping Crime Caper Set in the Hills


Of late, cinema has been setting its murder mysteries in mountain resorts, perhaps because they are dazzling by day and creepy at night, owing to the atmosphere of foggy gloom. ZEE5’s latest outing, Forensic, picks up Mussoorie for its drama with its gorgeous mountains, tall trees and dark nooks. A perfect setting for Adhir Bhat and Ajit Jagtap’s story with Vishal Kapoor’s screenplay that sounds more or less believable, except for a part where we see a psychotherapist, Ranjana Gupta (Prachi Desai), trying to charm the little girls. To snap his fingers. Far away

But with a good piece of acting by Vikram Massey, who plays forensic expert Johnny Khanna – whose mood freely alternates between seriousness and excitement – the film flies away. It is about a serial killer who has made murder a fine art, choosing to lock up little girls on their birthdays.

There are a few sub-plots neatly woven into this gruesome tragedies. Johnny gets separated from his police inspector wife Megha (Radhika Apte). His brother lost his daughter in an accident a few years ago and his wife, unable to bear the pain, commits suicide.

But Macy fills all this frustration with his own jokes. He’s a hottie, and the way he continues to address Megha as a “darling” lightens the mood heavy on the two between and on the small town, whose police force is unable to pursue a crime of such brutal magnitude. Is.

But we have our forensic experts to handle it, and they do it with utmost diligence, often leading us into the labyrinth of science. Some of his analytical findings are awesome, and so are some of the scenes. Watch the way Megha chases a dwarf thinking that he is the same boy when many of her companions come to her aid. Giving a message of wonderful unity among the physically challenged, one throws a big sheet over her. An exciting car chase with Johnny on winding mountain roads giving a chasing police vehicle a hard time – until it spins out of control. Mr Bond, is he!

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The plot turns into agony when Megha’s niece goes missing. And Aunty gets scared at the turn of events. But Johnny steps in to console Megha and put an end to the crime. We know it will (has to be) resolved, but when the climax comes, it’s shocking, albeit a little over the top. A gripping crime caper, smartly edited, but little more script changes could have given it a better rating.

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