Twinkle Khanna Through The Eyes Of Daughter Nitara


Twinkle Khanna posed for her goofy best picture. (manners: twinklerkhanna,

New Delhi:

that Twinkle Khanna An avid bibliographer is no secret. Apart from being an avid reader, Twinkle is also the best-selling author of several novels. But rarely do we get to see multi-hyphenate at work. Now, we can see Twinkle’s magic works thanks to her daughter Nitara Kumar, who turns photographer for her mother. In a series of photographs, stitched into a montage video and shared on Twinkle’s Instagram handle, the author is seated on a bed of grass with a book and pencil in hand. Dressed in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a sweater, Twinkle looks relaxed as she sinks into work.

sharing post, Twinkle Khanna said, “Am I able to get some work done despite the intrusion of my nine-year-old photographer? Hmm… Guess I’m going to try.”

Sharing an anecdote about her journey as a writer, Twinkle Khanna said, “I started writing my first draft with my hand when I fractured my left elbow in the middle of my writing course at Oxford and lost one hand. Couldn’t type fast enough. A disaster that, like many others, eventually became a turning point in development. Or that’s how I’ve always chosen to see failures.”

Speaking about her stationery, which she adores, Twinkle Khanna said, “Another bonus, my notebook and mechanical pencil fit into my small bag, never runs out of battery and even That also saves the coffee from spilling. Some things are better the old fashioned way. What do you do the old fashioned way?”

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Watch the video here:

This time where Nitara Kumar was behind the camera, a few days ago on the occasion of Father’s Day, Twinkle Khanna shared a video in which the little girl is seen with her father Akshay Kumar. In the video, both are plucking fruits in their respective gardens. Sharing the video, Twinkle said, “They both wait for the white jamun tree to bear fruit in our compound. It is an annual ritual where they follow the tree for several days and choose the right time. They have their own games, where they fall, jump and juggle across the garden, as I watch from the sidelines. Mothers can do it all, but some things are left easy for their fathers.”

Twinkle Khanna ended the note by saying, “Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads and especially my Mr. K.”

Akshay Kumar replied to the post With a heart emoji.

In another picture shared by Twinkle Khanna, Nitara is seen sitting on her father’s lap. What makes the picture even more special is their family dog ​​group leaning in for a hug.

Sharing the picture, Twinkle said, “Group hug time? Few things beat a dog more than its wagging tail and the joy with which it leaps at you when you return home. Don’t you want the humans with whom we lived to welcome us with the same enthusiasm?”

Twinkle Khanna is married to Akshay Kumar since 2001. The couple has two children – Aarav and Nitara.


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