selection of 2 basketball players of village in team india passport made in a day to go abroad

The Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has done such a thing for two basketball players of the state, which is being discussed everywhere. Sports Authority of India, operated in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, two players Prarthana Salve and Moni Adla were selected for the Under 16 Asian Championship to be held in Jordan, but the problem with going to Jordan was that they did not have a passport.

The tournament is to be held in Jordan from June 24 to 30. In such a situation, with the initiative of the Chief Minister, the passports of Prarthana Salve and Moni Adla became just one day. In this way, both these players along with the basketball team left for Jordan on Wednesday.

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Prarthana Salve and Moni Adla were associated for many years with the Sports Authority of India operating in Rajnandgaon. During this, he performed brilliantly in the camp in Bangalore, after which he got a place in the Indian basketball team.

Rajnandgaon Sports Authority of India manager Rajeshwar Rao said that the Chief Minister had helped Moni and Prarthana Salve to get their passports made and gave them to the player in 1 day, due to which she was able to leave for Jordan. There is an atmosphere of happiness after the selection of these two players from Rajnandgaon in the Indian team.

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