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People who have a pet dog or cat are very attached to them. Pets are the meaning of life for them and they want to take them with them wherever they go, including on vacation. Like this adorable video posted on Instagram in which a man is seen taking his cat on vacation. It is a pleasure to watch clips of the man and his cat doing a variety of activities during the holiday.

The video was posted a day ago on the cats_of_Instagram page and has garnered over 2.8 million views so far. It is seen in the video that the man is taking his cat on vacation. In the beginning of the video, the black cat is seen sitting on the trolley bag. It is then seen sunbathing next to its human. He is also seen using the sauna and having a candle light dinner in a restaurant. The clip also shows the black cat walking on the man’s back, giving him a massage.

The credit of the video is in the account Jjyosh which belongs to a person named JJ Yosh.

Check out the video below:

“It’s a little too realistic for me,” commented one Instagram user. “table for two?” Wrote another. “Such a man is needed,” said the third.

The cat in the video has its own Instagram account called BackpackingKitty. Its name is Simon Yosh and it has more than 5.99 lakh followers. It accompanies its human in many adventures.

What are your thoughts on this pairing?

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