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Almost every child is very excited when his father comes home from work or after a few days. It is heartwarming to watch the video of the children running up to their father to hug him when he comes back home. As this video posted on Instagram shows the same scenario and it is adorable to watch.

The video was posted on Instagram by a woman named Aubry Jones. “When Dad comes home from a week long work trip,” says a text insert on the video. In the video, four little girls get excited when they see their father’s car being pulled into the driveway. They are beaming with joy and shouting “Daddy” with great enthusiasm. When the man gets off the car, he comes quickly and hugs his daughters. The video was posted on June 13 and has garnered over 49,000 views so far.

“I’m not crying, you are,” the caption of the video read.

Check out the video below:

The video received many comments as netizens recollected their childhood memories.

“I will not lie. I am 31 years old and I still cry watching these videos because that is what I wanted from a father. So very happy that your little girls are experiencing this bond with their father. Literally nothing can replace this bond, trust and love,” commented one Instagram user. “Oh, I remember doing this every day when my dad came home! I’m still doing it!” posted another. “You’re right, I’m crying,” wrote a third. “Cutest thing ever! Isn’t it amazing to have a good husband and wonderful kids!!” reads another comment.

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What are your thoughts on this adorable video and do you relate?

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