Today 24 August 2022 Daily Current Affairs For Competition Exams

Today 24 August 2022 for Daily Current Affairs Competition Exams, Latest & Daily Current Affairs 24-08-2022, Candidates Can Check All Competitive Exams GK Questions Pdf

Dainik Jagran (Current Affairs) for Dainik Jagran (Current Affairs) is the report for Dainik Samsayik (Current Affairs) who can get all kind of friendly and Affairs in Hindi PDF.

Latest and Daily Current Affairs 24 August 2022

1. ‘International Employment Day’ will work on 23rd August.

• August 23 will be the ‘International Trade and Efficiency Day’ around the world. Be sure to stay on this day level. Being the most affected, it was the most affected in the western region.

Prepared notes and job updates

Today 24 August 2022 Daily Current Affairs

• Staff from Dasa, especially dangerous to weather, around the world in this situation weather, may be updated in such conditions and in the world’s weather.

2. India has included Garba dance in its cultural list.

• India is involved in the establishment of the Negarba Institute of Dance, Culture of Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). As in UNESCO’s natural natural color, it would have been a UNESCO heritage, as ornamental in antiquity. It will also be said that the expected meeting of UNESCO will be and is in 2022.

3. India ranked with 3rd Golden in Oliad in Environment and Communication Environment

• India changed the environment on Environment and Communication (IOAA). Vabauthir’s sass r r r r r two r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a r rānair rānair kayaur sāyuk ray sāyuk ray syuk rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rnh f rnh f rr rr as rrr rrе The International Olympiad was prepared from 14 to 21 August 2022.

4. President Obama Birla 65

• Required to remain active for 65 hours from August 20 to 26, 2022. Enclosing, flexible and updated environmental management, agile materials and environmental decontamination, The Corner is in poor condition in case of deterioration.

• 08 There are different types of works. vasataun om om kanasaba k e halifaq raumath in 65 65 th rastaunhurmandal parliamentary committee in kaytr

5. DRDO has uploaded report of Report-to-A as per the report of the report in front of you.

• Defense Research and (DRDO) Indian Navy on 23 August 2022

• It was co-ordinatedly controlled off the Sirpur coast of Odisha. The Indian Navy has been determined to be diagnosed with a malfunction due to a shipwreck, a dangerous condition known to be deteriorating.

6. Madam Speaker, treatment of statues of Swami Vivekananda and fighter Pandurang Khankho in Obama Birla

• India’s Divine Vector OMB Birla Swami Vivekananda and Maharashtra Born Right and Agriculture Pandurang Khan Family (1883-1967) President will take an active part in India’s active India’s communication to India.

7. Sports, mascot used at Gandhiji Gandhi Maidan in Rajasthan from August 29

• On August 22, 2022, Rajasthan’s mantra Gehlot also released in the hall – Hanji Raiji Gandhi Grameen Khel mascot ‘Sheru’ in the hall of Sawai Mansingh Stadium and in the theme.

• Rijiv Gandhi Gram Panchayat level from 29 August to 1 writer, level 12 to 15, district level 22 25 September

8. Razi died

• Recently the position of the Lieutenant Governor had worsened in the past. From the year 2004-2009. They are downright dangerous. members of members. Later it was arranged.

• Dangerous from sleep, Raji had a stronghold in Bihar’s Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh. On 7th March 1939, the rebar would be fully recovered after the completion of the examination of the rebar completely.

9. To take care of India living on the farm for healthy health care

• They will be in the sitting position to do a doctorate in the sitting position regularly for 10 nutritious meals to eat fresh. Space sector malfunction-up ‘Digantara’ has produced it.

• Spaceborn space (A) spaceborne space (A) are stationed exclusively in space for space in space, in space in space stationed in space in space.

10. 11th National Seed Life 2022

• Launched in class 11 by Bouchla Bija Rajmata Vijayarana Vishwavidyalaya on August 21, 2022 by Union Minister Naranmar. Also the Union Minister launched the ‘Acceptance System and a Technology’ (SAAS).

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