Hyundai i40 चढ़ी 2.35 करोड़ की Lamborghini Huracan पर, देखें वायरल वीडियो

There’s going to be an explosion at the shop, the kind that happens once on a Sunday, so it’s a broadcast of the monster. A blast between the same Hyundai i40 and Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder, from the same timed game city. The video shows the scene change, but in this event (around £250,000 when turning in)

The Sun has started once again. The cost of the Borghini is £250,000.

that of as, Lamborghini until 10:24 local time when the timing is in effect, when viewed from side to side, at the correct time. After accelerating, as expected, the i40 will be as fast runner as redesigned in splendor. ️ So Both

After it was published, he was later locked up by the police.

Cops in poor condition in poor condition, “Police were dialed for a dangerous traffic jam on Connected with checked road and dubbing in Lids. To proceed,”

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