After being convicted of “launching bricks over fence of her £1 million mansion” launching bricks over fence of her £1m home Neighbour Wins retrial

CCTV Caught Joan Shrives Throwing Various Objects fence on his neighbors.

A court has authorized a retrial for a woman who is said to have launched a hate campaign against neighbors and was dubbed a “fearless neighbor from hell”.

Trevor Dempsey’s Gorgeous London House Chingford reportedly suffered damages from Joan Shrives, which cost hundreds of pounds, including repairs to the fence, garden flowers and a specially built potting shed.

Video recorded by Mr Dempsey, 62, and his ex-girlfriend Sandra Durdin, 58, shows Shrews laughing and spitting at their neighbors in June.

The footage also showed Shreves, daughter of property owner and former Spurs manager Peter Shreves, shaking the fence between the two homes in The Ridgeway, Chingford, shouting, “You’re a naughty c***, you are.” A filthy, f***ing c***. What happens to the impure c***, you ask?

The 51-year-old has always claimed that his neighbors changed the CCTV video of him spitting and cursing.

A Stratford Magistrates Court judge found her guilty in May of two counts of assault, criminal property damage, and threatening behavior in relation to the couple while she did not appear for trial.

Shrives claimed she was too unwell to attend his trial, which the judge recognized and overturned her sentence.

Shrives originally requested that his case be reopened in June, and after a hearing yesterday, District Judge William Nelson granted his request. He set a hearing date for November 30 again at Stratford Magistrates’ Court.

In Chingford, Sandra Durdin and Trevor Dempsey (shown together) had an 18-month-long dispute with their neighbor Joanna Shreves over their $1 million estate.

Shrews throws cement on the fence at his neighbors in a shocking video.

Daughter of former Tottenham Hotspur manager Joan Shreves

The court previously heard testimony that Shreves began her violent hate campaign when she returned to her childhood home in February 2019 with her neighbors following a dispute over a concrete pillar that Mr Dempsey had thrown into the driveway and without their consent. was restored.

before Things went south, the families had been close friends for more than 20 years and even attended parties at each other’s homes.

Over the next 18 months, it is said that Shrews broke down his neighbor’s fence, felled flowers in their garden, and destroyed their custom-built potting shed, causing thousands of pounds of damage to his property.

On October 24, 2020, when Shreves threw stones at her fence, Mr Dempsey said she was acting like a “possessed person”.

He remarked, “There was a tremendous crunch, and she went wild.”

Shreves was seen on camera pushing a giant broom over the property’s fence as it went up and down the garden.

Ms Durdin said Shrews was “constantly” threatening to kill her in their suburban Chingford neighborhood, where fake Tudor homes go for $1 million.

These two houses were occupied by feudal neighbors in wealthy Chingford, north London.

In the CCTV video, Shrews is seen throwing cement with a shovel over his fence and in his neighbour’s yard.

Mr Dempsey, 62, and Ms Durdin, 58, (pictured outside Thames Magistrates Court last year)

Mr Dempsey, 62, and Ms Durdin, 58, (pictured outside Thames Magistrates Court last year)

The home’s owner, Peter Shrives, Joanna Shrives’ father, was described by Ms Durdin and her husband as a “close friend”.

Additionally, Shrives seemed to have spat on Ms Durdin’s son Michelle Durdin as they passed each other in the street between the two houses, as shown in the CCTV tapes.

Shrives has been released on bail until retrial despite two counts of assault, criminal property damage and threatening behavior.

Since then, Mr. Dempster and Ms. Durdin have moved to Ramsgate, Kent.

District Judge William Nelson found Shrives guilty on all counts at trial in May, including assault by common man in connection with spitting.

I have heard his spit and seen his spit, and it is clear to me that his spit was spilled on him [Mr. Mitchell]Thus it is clear from the tape that it was purposeful, the man said.

“Therefore, it is an illegal use of violence, and I find him guilty of that offence,” the judge said.

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