कबाड़ से बना डाली इलेक्ट्रिक जीप, खुश होकर आनंद महिंद्रा ने दिया इस शख्स को नौकरी का ऑफर!

There is a dearth of jugaads and jugaaders in India. Objects that apply to the environment have been modified. Channel broadcasting campaigns are nearing completion. Once again one has been ensured for the video.

Carrie A. of Man Kejhari village. Vishal expanded a detail Video Is. I have written to offer my job.

A. Gautam had logged in once in December of junk. , Are going viral in the country and the world at this time. GHH, in this way India’s environmental program can be modified according to the environment.

It is necessary to ensure that it is effective and by that it is said that India go ahead with the EV. For the sake of my future and for the technology, Jayne Kay June and the next runner of the garage ‘tyring’ automated themselves. Go ahead and move on. Mahindra is has.

The 45 second video posted has been shown over 3 lakh times. The video was added by 3,000 people and retweeted over 300. ️ Gautam

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