Today 22 August 2022 Daily Current Affairs For Competition Exams

Today 22 August 2022 for Daily Current Affairs Competition Exams, Latest and Daily Current Affairs 22-08-2022, Candidates Can Check All Competitive Exams Gk Questions

Dainik Jagran (Current Affairs) for Dainik Jagran (Current Affairs) is the report for Dainik Samsayik (Current Affairs) who can get all kind of friendly and Affairs in Hindi PDF.

Daily Current Affairs 22 August 2022

1. World today on August 20

• World Mosquito Day on August 20 will end soon in the world. Reverie rests well in ROM. It was done in 1897. Worldwide Internet Internet Internet Internet Day Scientist was published on the worldwide Internet in 1930.

Prepared notes and job updates

2. Social and official organization started the update and worked with the update ‘NAMAS’ scheme

• Recently ‘Namaste’ national scheme for maintaining cleanliness [National Action for Mechanised Sanitation Ecosystem- NAMASTE] The plan has started. This scheme social rights and update work is a skilled entrepreneur.

today 22 august 2022 daily current affairs

• Under this scheme a management system has been created for health management in India. In the central sector plan…

3. The government has given you a new market facility

• Launching of online market facility ‘Aqua Bazar’ in ‘Matsyasetu’ mobile app of Central Animal Husbandry, Animal Husbandry and Employees’ Narottam Development Board (NFDB) meeting on August 19, 2022.

• This app has been developed by Indian Institute of Agricultural Research and Central Institute of Health (ICAR-CIFA).

4. Pawana Kalyani Flying Woman Weather Indian Climate

• Recently young Teja (Federation of European Football Federations-UEFA) women’s champ debut in puberty (Federation of European Football Associations-UEFA) Indian Vaishrav flourished flying, in the atmosphere in the atmosphere such as the variant in the aircraft prevailing in the atmosphere in the atmosphere Is. Entrance to the campus on the 60th position in the position of Kalyan’s Meriyu. Apollos defeated Lat’s lung club Club Ryga 3–0.

5. Chhattisgarh Government announces setting up of Rural Industrial Park in the state

• Chhattisgarh government announced the establishment of Rural Industrial Park in the state. The Mahapanchayat Baghel announced that the project was launched on Gandhi Jayanti. CONTACT ECONOMIC To be the center for economic funding and creation of ‘Gau-Ko’.

• Create 300 rural industrial parks in this year. The first decision park in Chhattisgarh was made in Kanker, which was named Gandhi Gram.

6. Bowlers Launch Pitch 2022

• From August 19, 2022 to 08 2022 AUSTRALIA ️ AUSTRALIA ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ A team of Indian sports is ready to participate in this game. It is a biennial and multi-national event organized by the Royal Air Bat Air Force. Well welfare will be restored to ensure this.

• The last version of this training was done back in 2018. The 2020 edition of the match has been cancelled.

7. Woman calms down on police 10th night

• 10th Autonomy of Women Police (Himachal Pradesh) is starting on 21st August, 2022. More than 200 women police officers and security personnel. Home Minister arasauk kasak tayr aur rasak b ne police k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k a k k k k a k k k a k k k a k k police

• Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rise has a war. women managing the meeting changing kirrauthyogiki r aurasauk r t r r r r in ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki ki

8. Aakhri Panghal-20 Indian Woman Becomes Gold Quality In World Health

• Ballab’s 17 Last time Panghal was kept healthy to be healthy in the world. In the 53kg category, Ayyu-Nal defeated Atyn Shayeva of Kazakhstan.

• It is like gold for India. Final Result for Final Result in Haryana

9. IAS Mahesh Verma becomes the owner of President Draupadimur

• Recently appointed, who has been appointed Chairman. Verma Indian Service Officer (II) 1987 for Dangerous Germs. He is the place of Kapil Dev Tripathi.

• How was President Ram Nath’s in the office of Tripathi in the 1980s season in April 2020.

• The Information for Communications of 1987 was published as the Department of Communications. The management of the attack is also employed near the Controller for the post of Minister in charge of Nuclear Power.

10. Chennai airport to be named after Shahid Bhagat Singh

• Update about Haryana and Punjab passwords. Bhagwant Mann of Punjab held a meeting with Detsyant Chautala on August 20, 2022, took this decision. The Center had put the situation under proper control.

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