राजस्थान के चिराग को Google ने ऑफर किया 3 करोड़ का पैकेज-जानिए कामयाबी की कहानी |

Google offered 30 million clause to Chirag of Rajasthan, Google gave Rajasthan’s Jorction Chirag Soni job offer to, Chirag Soni With a Master of Science degree in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington, Google, the world’s largest software company, did a turnover of 35 million.

There is no talk for everyone in our country’s department. ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️ It is. Country types are also country. In this way the Indian entered the atmosphere for the first time.

Fixed to fix. It will be a complete success. The entire state has been cured. Proceed to fulfill the success of Rajasthan’s success. You will get this information even if you are in good health.


Prepared notes and job updates

Jodhpur Chirag Soni Ko,

There are people of Rajasthan who are Chirag Soni. , In this way the family along with Chirag Soni became happy.

With Assistant Team. To be able, Chirag Soni is checked by the I staff.

Google gave 3 crore package to Chirag of Rajasthan

Belongs to the Oh of Jodhpur, Primary Education

Chirag Soni belongs to a middle class family who grows up among three brothers in their family. Primary ideal education is received from Vidya Mandir, Oasis only. Later got information about school after Jodhpur school.

When Chirag Soni did his class 12th meeting, did this job at IIT Patna and got his B.Tech degree in Computer Science. The job of software engineer has started in Samsung Research Institute, Delhi with the camera of campus placement.

Not satisfied with the job, Chirag Soni

The same will happen in case the Chirag breaks down at Sony Samsung Research Institute, Delhi. Thus the decision was taken. It was a Master of Science in Computer Linguistics from the University of Washington.

It is dangerous to offer Chirag Soni to work from the big Washington battery. Software company Google has done a transaction of 35 crores. Mission offers have been accepted and the Google company has estimates.

It’s not wrong to use Google Pay and Phone Pay

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Receive job offers at Google for Rituraj

Google advised 1200 kg

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