क्‍या एक दिन पृथ्‍वी को ‘निगल’ जाएगा सूर्य? भविष्‍य को लेकर नए अनुमान लगा रही यह स्‍टडी

The Sun is the principal planet of our solar system. Wandering around the magnificent planet. Life is related to the future. Till when? ️️️️️️️️ It will be on until it is turned on. Essentially, it is necessary to change the color of the Sun in the first meeting of the planets Mercury and Venus. of what earth? What is life like on our planet? Even in sunlight. This is what happens in a similar comparison.

Click on Information. Unsure of the position of the sun, it’s ken time. Although the Royal Act To publish According to this type of behavior, there are changes in the shape of the Sun. Seek in randa is that that’s that of r your c r swallowing r swallowing swallowing glowing glowing glowing glowing shining glowing

Recorder ‘Record Yarza’ in the Global System has done this. 10.

Recently Covered Keria (GK.) Sank The sun is received in its middle ages. at the time of complete completion. Says that are going to be effective in the area of ​​the finish, which will be in a state of spoilage. The end of the Sun would mean that it would change in the future. The expert says that the diameter of the Sun has been highlighted. Sun plants will die. Human beings are dying, which are based on change. Visual viewing area. Atmospheric blur cleared on sunlight. tight talk

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