Nomad क्रॉस-चेन ब्रिज को नेटवर्क में सेंध लगने से 20 करोड़ डॉलर का नुकसान

Updates happen every now and then. Asos-chain Nomad Nomad has suffered a loss of $20 billion in one such case. It is convenient to click on it. Thus the posts on a channel on the chain are combined into a smart connected and on the chain these are doubles type.

Sam Sun as a model about this ba nokdiyaduhidurikyurkyras, use r ko aisi r t such ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko ko such rapurt fund such rapurtakiguth t such rairtauth ko ko co ko ko such such this this hack is made of. Sam has, potentially, “required to use joins.” Nomad has not given any information about this. There is information on this matter.

Recently, Solana Crema Finance on Solana likewise received $ 87.8 million billion. Isza is a defeat. It was a success even after using a smart phone and liquid

Crema Finance said, “We are less dangerous. Life News Report itself did it. This year this year. Chainalysis did the same.

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