Kotak Bank ने जारी की New Interest Rate-जानिए इससे ग्राहकों का कितना फायदा होगा |

Kotak Bank released new interest rate, Kotak Bank increased interest rate on fixed deposits, has been implemented from 26 November 2022 Kotak Bank’s new interest rate 2022 is based on maturity, for more information related to interest Take a look at the official website of Kotak Bank.

Changes in the interest rate from time to time increase the interest rate on fixed deposits. HDFC Bank and is associated with and associated with it. Ale

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Kotak Bank’s new interest rate 26 Implemented from July 2022

Recently, for the convenience of different customers, the interest paid on fixed deposits has been increased to the customer on the maturity period of different fixed deposits– Blog from 26 November 2022

Kotak Bank's new interest rate

let’s talk about afraid Kotak Bank’s new interest rate what is

Kotak Bank Interest Rate 2022 Update

If you have less than ₹ 2 Crore in your life, then enjoy the new interest rates to be charged by the bank on interest on fixed deposit information of less than 200000 by bank.

  • 2.5% interest rate if the customer has a fixed deposit from 7 days to 30
  • 31 to 90
  • Fixed Deposit Maturity Update 91 days to 179 days, interest @ 3.5% to customers as on date
  • its its
  • Had added 5.25% to its clients on fixed deposits maturing 364th.
  • From 365 to 389 new new kind of fixed deposits were offered at 5.6% updated as per the given information at 5.5%, and now increased by 10 points.
  • 390 at the rate of 5.75 percent to customers on fixed deposits from 3 years.
  • It is for a period of 3 years and 3 years for any customer, hence interest at the rate of 5.90% will be paid.

Bank FD interest rate higher than interest in fixed deposit scheme

PNB makes its customers happy

on a time-to-time basis

  • On one hand the interest rate has been increased by Kotak Mahindra Bank, on the other hand you have to take care of one thing. According to the information, if Fixed Deposit will be done for less than 180 days, then by Kotak Mahindra Bank prematurely. 0% knowledge for blog
  • 180 by this customer
  • corresponding rayrh 365 days more than kr p from before first first first first first first first first first first first first than than from

Click Here- Kotak Bank New Interest Rate

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