What is Influencer Marketing – Basics & Benefits


Influencer marketing as a concept is something that attracts the audience as well as influences them! Thus, it is quickly coming out of the less admired shell. In addition, it has become a leading strategy that will shape the industry, influencing both how creators understand content creation as well as how brands tell their story and through it help themselves to top the market. present. influencer marketing platform, This has led users to follow influencer activity quite eagerly, so much so that 70% of people have been noted to follow 10 influencers according to a researcher in the United States.

Let us dig deeper into the root of influencer marketing and its impact on brands.

What is Influencer Marketing?

As it was becoming increasingly difficult for brands to maintain a genuine brand-consumer relationship through celebrity endorsements, which were still popular and successful in the traditional way, but could not manage to show expertise. Thus, the spotlight shifted to individuals providing real value to the audience by sharing authentic content and trustworthy reviews on a product. Today we know him as an influential person.

Thus, marketing by taking advantage of the brand value of these influencers is called influencer marketing. Furthermore, the great thing about influencer marketing is that the audience of these content creators cares not about the size of the audience, but about their expertise in a particular niche. Today mid-tier or micro influencers, who have 50K to 500K followers, are most liked by the users. Again, this user behavior indicates that the audience prefers authentic content and relativity with a figure, rather than the size of their followers.

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if we see ‘Influencer – Brand – Influencer Marketing’ Spectrum more broadly, influencer marketing not only indirectly helps them win goals by building trust, but also by helping them adjust their approach to grow their social media presence, and influencer marketing platforms do this. play a huge role.

Why Brands Should Leverage Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing can prove to be a goldmine for brands if leveraged properly. This is where influencer marketing platforms come into the frame. A top influencer marketing platform like Grynow Media ensures that brands collaborate with relevant, verified influencers who contribute to their content strategy and fuel their brand awareness efforts.

Let’s discuss why and how brands should leverage the benefits of influencers and what results they can achieve by choosing to invest in it.

Content creators positively influence buyer behavior

Influencer marketing acts as a mediating factor by influencing brand appreciation and loyalty by influencing purchase intentions online. Furthermore, most people online show a tendency to buy products promoted by influencers in their content, the most popular content type being reviews. Thus, as long as it is authentic, influencer content is held in high esteem among the audience.

Influencer marketing drives brands to follow appropriate technological advancements

With the advent of new social platforms and technologies like Clubhouse and the Metaverse, brands are left with little or no choice but to follow trends and technological advancements. As a result, audiences are eager to confirm with such brands and have been noted to garner a higher number of salable leads and higher quality customers from influencer marketing campaigns.

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Influencer Marketing is Exploring More Opportunities for Social Commerce

It cannot be denied that the social commerce landscape is rapidly changing and evolving, and influencer marketing is the key to taking advantage of it for good. Influencer marketing platforms like Grynow are helping social commerce brands move faster through this transformation by collaborating with the right influencers, so they can quickly grab a bigger share of the market.

Influencer Marketing Platform – Best Practices

The key factor to all successful influencer campaigns is an ‘on-the-go optimization’ strategy. Brands and influencer marketing platforms collaboratively and closely monitor the progress and performance of a campaign to understand what is working and what is not.

Here are some common influencer marketing best practices adopted by top influencer agencies:

  1. Tracking the performance of each piece of content produced for the campaign and correcting what’s not producing results.
  2. Monitoring activity on each of the platforms involved in the campaign and leveraging the best performing platforms for better results.
  3. Creating unique UTM links for each creator involved to understand the individual contribution to campaign success.
  4. Continue to partner with top performing influencers for future projects/campaigns.

closing thoughts

Influencer marketing platforms are definitely helping brands to double the ROI benefits on influencer campaigns. With little investment required, and big results possible, influencer marketing has definitely become a brand favorite! Since they are already making the best of the authority of content creators, the only thing left to see is how creative brands and creators can be.

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