Stocks in News: You can invest money in news stocks, today's list is ready for investors.  Zee Business


Stocks in News: There are mixed signals from the global markets today. In such a situation, the eyes of the investors will be on the Indian stock markets, it has to be seen here that on which side the Indian market will open today. Investors will keep an eye on this. Before this, it is important to know about the news stocks. Before investing money in the stock market, it is important to see the list of news stocks. If you are also planning to invest money in the stock market and want to earn strong, then first check the list of news stocks. These are such stocks, where action is seen on the basis of news. In terms of news, many stocks run in the stock market, in such a situation it can be a profitable deal for investors to invest money in these stocks. Armaan Nahar, Senior Research Analyst, Zee Business has come up with a complete list of such stocks for investors, where strong action can be seen in terms of news.

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Here are today’s triggers

The stock of Zydus Lifescience Company will be monitored. Buyback has started from today at a price of Rs 650 and it will continue till 6th July.

The stock of Dalmia Bharat, CAMS will be monitored. The dividend has an ex date.

Action can be seen in the stock of Vodafone Idea. Moratorium of 4 years has been given to pay the dues. The EGM on Preferential Issue is on 15th July.

There can be a movement in the share of Glenmark Pharma. USFDA’s 6 objections have been issued to Baddi Plant.

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Action can be seen in the stock of Bajaj Auto. The board will consider the share buyback on June 27.

There may be a movement in the stock of Quess Corp, Allsec Tech. The amalgamation scheme with Allsec Tech has been approved by the board.

Action can be seen in the stock of BLS International. Has signed an agreement with the West Bengal government for e-governance.

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