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Calling for quick reforms in the agro chemical sector, FICCI Crop Protection Committee Chairman RG Agarwal said that the GST rate on pesticides should be reduced from 18 per cent to 5 per cent.

He said that the way help is being given regarding seeds and fertilizers as agricultural inputs. Similar attention should be given to pesticides as well. He also advocated production-linked benefit-concession or PLI scheme for the agro-chemical sector, saying it would help in making the country a global manufacturing hub.

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He said that pesticide is the most important input for the production. By which wastage of produce can be prevented. RG Agarwal, who is also the chairman of Dhanuka Group, said that there is also a need to reduce the import duty on agro chemicals from 10 per cent to 5 per cent. Terming the import of new technology in the pesticide sector as necessary, he said that the way climate change is happening at this time. In view of this, there is a great need of latest technology.

Advising to expedite the process of registration of new uses of manucules or molecules, he said that the testing of pesticides should be expedited in NABL accredited labs. He said that a big seminar is also being organized by FICCI in this regard soon. In which the latest technologies will also be discussed in detail.

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