pakistani player attempted suicide due to not selected in the team

In Asian countries, cricket is not just a sport, it is considered a religion. Players have so much passion for this game that they give everything in it, just because they play cricket for their country once. However, not everyone gets a chance to play for the country. Such a strange case has come out of the neighboring country of Pakistan. Where a player tried to commit suicide just because he was not selected in the home team.

The name of this cricketer is being told as Shoaib, who has attempted suicide due to not being selected in the team. However, Shoaib has been admitted to the hospital, where his condition is said to be critical.

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Shoaib is a resident of Qasimabad, Hyderabad in Sindh province of Pakistan. He is a fast bowler. It is being told that recently the team was selected for the Intercity Championship by the PCB, in which Shoaib did not get a chance.

Frustrated by this, Shoaib started living in a lot of mental tension. When the team’s trial was being taken, Shoaib’s coach was also involved in it. Desperate over not being selected in the team, Shoaib tried to commit suicide by amputating his hand on Tuesday, June 21.

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