Know India's ghostly railway station which was closed for 42 years due to fear of a ghost

New Delhi: Can a railway station be closed because of just one girl? This sounds very strange and that too when the station has only been open for seven years. You might think this is a joke, but it is absolutely true. This railway station is in Purulia district of West Bengal, whose name is Begunkodar railway station.

Railway station opened in 1960
This railway station, falling in the Ranchi Division of South Eastern Railway (SE Railway), was opened in the year 1960. Lachan Kumari, the queen of Santhal, has been instrumental in getting it opened. After the opening of this station, everything was fine for a few years, but later strange incidents started happening here.
In 1967, a railway employee from Begunkodar claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman at the station. Also it was rumored that he had died in a train accident at the same station. The next day that railway employee told people about it, but they ignored his words.

dead station master and his family
The real trouble started when the then Begunkodar station master and his family were found dead in the railway quarters. The people living there at that time claimed that the same ghost was involved in these deaths. He said that whenever a train passed by after sunset, the ghost used to run along with that train. Sometimes, the ghost would overtake him by running faster than the train. Apart from this, many times he was also claimed to be seen dancing on the tracks in front of the train.

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Tag of ghostly railway station
After these horrific incidents, Begunkodar came to be considered as a ghostly railway station and it was also recorded in the railway records. The fear of the ghost of this woman had increased so much inside the people that they started shying away from coming to this station. Gradually people stopped coming and going here. Even the railway employees working at the station fled in fear. It is said that whenever a railway employee was posted at Begunkodar station, he would immediately refuse to come here. Even the trains stopped stopping at this station, because neither any passenger wanted to get down here due to fear, nor did anyone come to this station to board the train. After this, the entire station was deserted and it was closed in 1967.

news reached railway board
It is said that the ghost talk at this station had reached from Purulia district to Kolkata and even to the Ministry of Railways. It is also said that at that time whenever a train passed through this station, the loco pilots used to increase the speed of the train before coming to the station, so that they could cross this station as soon as possible. Even the people sitting in the train used to close all the windows and doors before coming to the station.

Mamta Banerjee opened the station after 42 years
However, after 42 years of this station being closed i.e. in the year 2009, at the behest of the villagers, the then Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee got this station opened once again. Since then till now there has been no claim of sighting of any ghost at this station, but still people do not stop at the station after sunset. About 10 trains stop at that station before the Corona period. Many times tourists also visit this station, which has become famous as a ghostly railway station.


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