Karman Kaur Thandi to train under Aditya Sachdeva at RoundGlass Tennis Academy | Tennis News


Indian tennis star Karman Kaur Thandi will officially train at the academy in Chandigarh from Aditya Sachdeva, her former coach and technical director of Roundglass Tennis Academy.

Karman, 23, was recently featured at the ITF Women’s Tournament in Thailand.

Sharing his thoughts on this collaboration, Karman said, “I am delighted to be training at Roundglass Tennis Academy. Aditya sir has been instrumental in shaping me as a player over the years and I hope to continue to develop my game under his guidance with the help of world class facilities at the academy.”

Sachdeva said, “Everyone at Roundglass Tennis Academy is excited to have Karman with us. He is one of the brightest talents in Indian tennis and we look forward to helping him rise to the next level. His presence is our training with us.” Will be a great source of inspiration for young athletes who take it.”

Earlier in May, the academy inducted 15 young athletes from across the country to train them as tennis professionals and ensure their holistic development while adhering to the principles of holistic wellness. Each of these athletes has received a 100% coaching scholarship from the Academy, which covers state-of-the-art training, nutrition, sports science, physical and mental conditioning, and tournament participation.

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