Kareena Kapoor Calls Laal Singh Chaddha's Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi 'Song of the Decade'; Watch BTS Video


Laal Singh Chaddha is all set to release his new song Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi. While little is known about the song as of now, a new behind-the-scenes video shared by Kareena Kapoor teases the song. In the video, Kareena is seen sitting in her house and listening to the recording of the track with a big smile on her face. “I love this song,” she said angrily. The video then takes the fans to Pritam’s studio.

Aamir Khan, seen in his Laal Singh Chaddha avatar, informed the composer that Kareena called the track a “song of the decade”. However, he was not impressed with the advanced track that was presented to him. “Now if she listens to this recording, ‘Our heroine will run away!’ (referring to the second edition of ‘Phir Na Aisi Raat Aayegi’)” he joked.

Kareena shared the video with the caption, “Hey Aamir, I still love this song…”

Watch the track below:

On Wednesday, the makers had released another BTS clip related to the upcoming song. In the video, Aamir Khan advises Pritam on the new song of the film. “I guess you’re scared it’s old fashioned music because you’ve mentioned it so many times. Forget all your worries. There’s no such thing as old fashioned or new fashioned. There’s only good and bad music.” Be honest about what is required at that time,” suggested Aamir.

Laal Singh Chaddha is slated to release on August 11. The film is set to clash with Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan. Akshay recently addressed the clash in a press conference and said, “It’s a big day. It is a holiday, it is time for Raksha Bandhan. Well told you, the film hasn’t released due to COVID, still reading, waiting to see when it will hit theatres. So it is a natural thing to have two films in a week. (It is holiday, Raksha Bandhan is around that time. Let me tell you, many movies are not released due to COVID. Many are still waiting for their turn in theatres. It is natural that two in the same week Movies will release.) So I will not say that we are fighting amongst ourselves, we are trying to take our films to the people. And I hope both the films are doing well.”

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