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You may think that you spend too much time on YouTube. In that case, you may decide to delete the YouTube channel completely in order to make a streamlined departure. Figuring out what websites you have accounts with is the first step in taking into account how many accounts you have online. Additionally, you may wish to do so in an attempt to remove your Internet identity. If you want to know how to delete YouTube channel, then read this post completely till the end.

delete youtube channel

For more than ten years amateur digital video makers have called YouTube their home. Many users publish original video footage on their profiles. Millions more turn to it for music, pleasure and education. Personalized content curation is made possible by the ability to save videos to playlists. On YouTube, there are hundreds of thousands of hours of videos to choose from.

Consider downloading any video or playlist data from your account before deleting your YouTube channel. It is wise to keep a digital record of this information as you may regret deleting it later. Your inability to access previous movies or comments is the major drawback of deletion. So, be ready before starting this process.

When you delete a YouTube channel, all the content on your YouTube channel is permanently deleted. Previous comments, messages, playlists, history and videos are all included here. You can accomplish all this without deleting your Google Account.

How to Delete YouTube Channel Using Desktop?

step 1: Select “Settings” by clicking on the symbol in the upper right corner.

  • Your profile photo will appear in the upper-right corner of a web browser on your YouTube website. If you haven’t specified a profile picture it can only be an initial one.
  • For the drop-down menu, click it. “Settings” is an option. start here.
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step 2: Select “Delete channel” from “View advanced settings.”

  • In the Options section, the option to delete your channel is largely suppressed. You’ll find a link to “view advanced settings” under your channel name.
  • “Delete channel” is the last option on this menu. To continue, select it.

step 3: Select “Permanently Delete” opposite “Hide”.

  • Instead of deleting your account, you have the option to “hide” it on the next screen. The variation of deletion known as hiding focuses on eliminating your outward presence, such as comments and replies.
  • Simply put, your playlists and videos will be played in private mode. If this fixes the problem, you can select “Hide,” but that won’t remove all information from your account.
  • Select “Permanently Delete” under the second option to delete everything. Enter your address again to confirm. In order to prevent your data from being deleted without your consent, YouTube will take some additional procedures.

step 4: It may take some time for your movies to be removed.

  • YouTube cautions that your account and some of your videos may remain online even after you request removal. Only when you select the account it will be deleted.
  • It is possible that other users may have requested the deletion, and mass file deletions take time. Give your request a few days to completely disappear. You can see your previous content after a few days, but there should be no prompt now.

Steps to Delete YouTube Channel on Android

step 1: First, launch the YouTube app on your phone or tablet. On your screen, in the upper-right corner, tap the icon for your profile picture. Choose to manage your Google Account.

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step 2: Select Data & Personalization.

step 3: Click Delete a Service or Your Account under the section that says Download, Delete, or Make a plan for your data.

step 4: On the following screen, select Delete a service. Will have to login again. Do this You will then have the option to download your data before deactivating your YouTube channel. If you wish to do so, tap on Download data. When you’re ready, tap the trash can icon next to YouTube to delete your YouTube channel.

Step 5: You will be prompted to log in once again. Do this Then select I want to permanently delete my content from the menu that appears. Selecting it, along with a check box, will expand it into a brief explanation of what this option actually means. If you understand the explanation and still want to deactivate your YouTube channel, check the box after reading this.

Step 6: When you’re ready to delete your YouTube channel, click the blue Delete My Content button.

delete youtube channel from ios

Deleting your YouTube channel on iOS is easy, and you can do it directly from the YouTube app. Just do these actions.

step 1: Tap the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the Home screen and select Manage your Google Account.

step 2: From the Main tab, choose Data & Personalization. As you scroll down, click Delete a Service or Your Account.

step 3: From there, you can choose whether to delete specific services or your entire Google Account. Select Delete a Google Service to get rid of your YouTube channel. Your password should be entered when prompted.

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step 4: After entering your password, select YouTube and click the Trash Can button to delete all your data.

When you delete a YouTube channel, your videos, comments, playlists, and other content are all deleted. In addition, all that data is permanently lost if you delete your account; It cannot be recovered. If you want a less-permanent fix, you can also choose to hide your channel, which will keep everything on the account a secret to everyone except you. A private channel can be made public again at any time, but previous comments and replies will be permanently deleted.


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