Kantar said it tested the ads among consumers that entails a survey and the questions that are asked are benchmarked to a database of norms that it has created. Photo: iStock


Campaigns by consumer firms Amazon, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Marico, Mondelez and Whirlpool list the most effective ads for 2021 in the television category, data, insights and consulting company Kantar said in its second India report on brand campaigns.

Across all television commercials tested in India, the consultancy awarded outstanding performers across five product categories: food and beverage, personal care, durable goods, home care and services. The report, titled ‘Creative Effectiveness Awards in India’, also includes a special section on social causes and ‘Un-stereotype’ that praises gender progressive advertising.

In a global study covering more than 13,000 creatives across companies, Kantar looked at classical tools of storytelling. In India, it tested over 1300 ads and the winners exemplify the essential characteristics of being creatively engaging and landing inspiring stories that drive a brand’s sales.

A Mondelez ad by creative agency Ogilvy for its brand Chocobex Cakes shows a boy and his siblings stealthily stealing a cake at their home in the middle of the night. However, impressed by the taste of the product, their reaction succeeds in alerting their parents to their stealthy escape.

Marico’s Nihar Naturals Hair Oil ad in the personal care category shows a girl breaking all the stereotypes she is expected to follow and become a journalist instead of taking a teaching course, which she expects. was expected. Whirlpool’s IntelliFresh Everyday Care, Surf Excel Matic Liquid and Amazon also made it to the list of effective TV commercials. In digital it was Vim Liquid, Comfort and Surf Excel that won the Kantar award.

Kantar said it tested the ads among consumers. The test basically consists of a survey and the questions that are asked are the benchmarks for the database of criteria it has created. Typically, an ad is tested by anywhere from 200 to 300 consumers in that one year period.

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Soumya Mohanty, managing director and chief customer officer, Insights Division at the research firm, said advertisements are tested on two pillars, the first being the consumer who is the jury, which is defined by whether there is any short-term cause of advertising. Sales increase when they feel positive towards the brand. The second is if a brand is able to build equity that is a more long-term measure. “These two combine to make a creative impact. Of all the ads we’ve received this year, a lot of the ads show a very positive gender portrayal.

The company, she said, uses “un-stereotypes” as a metric, where they test ads to see if they portray a positive image of a female character and a male character and then Let’s use it to compare ads against each other to see which of them are more true on this aspect.

“Ads that perform well on non-stereotype metrics actually deliver a lot of upvotes on both brand equity, as well as short-term sales potential. So it makes incredible business sense to non-stereotypes,” she said.

As for creative digital advertising, Kantar said ads should engage consumers quickly and strike an emotional cord. The company said that digital ads should ride the moment and include relevant issues and trends and be relevant.

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