A special office started in Kolkata for working mothers and freelancers!  have to pay that much fee


Happy Works Office in Kolkata: It is a very difficult task for new mothers to work in the office and take care of the baby. In such a situation, many other women have to face a lot of trouble in managing both. To overcome this problem, a very unique office has been started in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal. This office has been created to help new moms and freelancers. This special office has been started by Media Professional Pooja Mitra.

According to a report published in the Indian Express, Pooja Mitra of Kolkata is a journalist by profession and has a 4-year-old girl. In such a situation, she had to face trouble in handling her work and child. To overcome this problem, he came up with a brilliant idea. Earlier, he started working in his car outside the school but, he also had trouble in charging the laptop. In such a situation, he discovered the idea of ​​Special Office.

Happy Hours was discovered like this
To overcome this problem, he made a special office in Kolkata. This office has been built in association with HIDCO (West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation) of Kolkata. In this office, many mothers can charge their laptops while doing their work after sending their children to school. For this, they will have to pay only Rs 90 for 1.5 hours of charging. Even after this, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 20 per hour to charge mobile and laptop. The name of this special office is Happy Works.

increasing number of people
Pooja has opened a total of 3 such special offices in the New Town area. Every day a large number of people come here and get their work done. This includes a large number of working mothers and freelancers. This entire place has been built in an area of ​​800 sq ft and people get the facility of AC and fast internet here. In such a situation, after working in their car, people can come here and charge their laptop.

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